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The Great Divide The Great Divide Bike Tour 2010

- U.S.A.
- Mexico

3,154 miles
177,400' of elevation
50 days

Begin: July 23, 2010
End: September 11, 2010

Flight to: July 21st / back: Sept. 22nd

Sorry, only this page has been translated but under "Pics / Vids" the photo comments are in English


The great divide has been sealed! We mastered yet another enduring test of physics. This time, our legs pedaled us through northern America and the Rocky Mountains crossing the continental divide between east and west. Three countries only: Canada and Mexico but in between them a giant: U.S.A. This resulted in an extreme bike tour; narrowly calculated, higher than ever on gravel roads, forest trails and
through mountain passes of diverse north American national parks ... all in all the longest MTB-trail in the world!

We were 50 days on the road and traveled a total of 3,154 miles and 177,400 feet of elevation (approx. 7 times Mount Everest). This represents 63 miles and 3,550 feet of elevation every day!

The first section kicked off in Banff (Alberta, Canada) at 4,495 feet and 215 miles later in Roosville (MT) the "unofficial" Great Divide Canada was finished. From there on, we rode up and down on the "official" Great Divide route through the dense forest lands and bear counties of Montana, Idaho and Wyoming onto the great plateaus and mountains of Colorado. In Colorado we achieved our highest altitude of 11,900 feet. Then we rode on through the high desert and badlands of New Mexico to the US/Mexican border to finish the US Great Divide of 2,600 miles. But we didn't stop there! We added another 340 miles to continue the adventure and discover Chihuahua, Mexico. After that we began the long journey back to the north with stops in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle and Vancouver. - Jeremy Boissel & Florian Weber

read more on our blog at Fahrrad-XXL (German)

a bad but readable Google translation of our blog at Fahrrad-XXL

a retrospective look on the tour here (German)

Grounded ... the 2012-Tour is born!


Elevation profile:

Elevation Profile

AB) Alberta, Canada
BC) British Columbia, Canada
MT) Montana, USA
ID) Idaho, USA
WY) Wyoming, USA
CO) Colorado, USA
NM) New Mexico, USA
CHI) Chihuahua, Mexico
a) Elk Pass 6,444'
b) Huckelberry Pass 5,994'
c) MacDonald Pass 6,319'
d) Elk Park Pass 6,368'
e) Red Rock Pass 7,119'
f) Togtwee Pass 9,659'
g) Union Pass 9,209'
h) South Pass 7,549'
i) Middlewood Hill 7,966'
j) Lynx Pass 8,937'
k) Ute Pass 9,524'
l) Boreas Pass 11,483'
m) Marshall Pass 10,843'
n) Cochetopa Pass 10,065'
o) Carnero Pass 10,167'
p) Indiana Pass 11,900'
q) La Manga Pass 10,230'

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